Why I continue to write

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· Reflecting on my 305th article in the Daily Graphic

 Time flies! Today’s column marks a score of 305 (Three hundred and five) articles in the Daily Graphic since I started counting from March 11, 1998: that is, a span of twenty glorious years come next year, 2018. To think a good half of Ghana’s present population was not born at the start of this journey! I’m quite grateful to the Almighty God for the health, stamina and the means to provide this service to a country I appreciate and love so much.

The plight of the African child

Why do I continue to write? As this column has shown week after week, year after year, I’m concerned about the plight of the African child and the African youth, including particularly the Ghanaian child and the Ghanaian youth. To think that in this day and age, many public basic…

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  1. Thanks Mr Haffar for the great selfless contribution to humanity through the power of the pen.You have held high the torch of love for your continent amidst the darkest nights that kept Africa in literary darkness.Your have added so much to modern scholarship in the area of education.He that waters a garden would continue to wash under the rain- showers of God so he could refreshed to keep his dedicated duty of watering.God renew your strength the days of your life may He fulfill and may He do so more to prolong.Your vision is clear;Should we implement them hook, sinker and line we would prosper within and beyond the bounds of Africa.God bless you.

    Daddy I have also started a new blog http://www.legonliterati.blogspot.com to voice my cries as a recent alumnus of the University of Ghana — a hub to share bits of thoughts and suggestions to improve upon education and development in our universities and in our nation.


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