STEM projects at Tema International School

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  • To support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 sustainable development goals to be achieved by year 2030. Furthermore, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs opined that “Science is likely our best bet to achieve the 17 SDGs”. With just 7 years left until 2030, the young scientists of TIS rose to the challenge to make the earth a better place.

A group of DP 1 (International Baccalaureate) students had taken the initiative to support the TIS science department plan, organize, and prepare for the event.

The products and projects exhibited at the science fair focused on the theme “Sustainable Development” aimed at applying scientific knowledge acquired from classrooms to inspire solutions to help achieve the 17 SDGs. With this theme, various students worked either collaboratively or individually to display their knowledge.

Serving as Chairman of the Board of Governors of Tema International School (TIS), it was an honour to have been invited with my wife, to the school’s first science fair and exhibition since the 2019 Covid pandemic at the Secondary Campus, 11th February, 2023.

STEM project highlights

One: A solar powered oven created by Grade 7 with regards to SDG 7. This project used discarded pizza boxes to create the structure of the oven and used aluminum foil to cover the outer layer of the oven. With their SDG target being affordable and clean energy (SDG 7), they were able to recycle already used items (affordability) and to produce energy without causing harm to the environment (clean energy).

Two: A hydroponic farm in relation to SDG 13 created by the Grade 9 biology class. The project was a solution to combat climate change (SDG 13). A hydroponic farm is a new face of agriculture where crops are grown without the presence of soil. The plant roots are placed in a liquid nutrient solution. According to the class, through their engagement, “We were able to understand how hydroponic farming allows more rational use of water which is a scarce resource. If we’re intentional about our use water, we are able to conserve the little amount we have left!”

Three: Egg incubator made out of cardboard and car light bulbs with regards to SDG 15 created by Grade 10. This project was able to build a chicken egg incubator designed to regulate perfect levels of temperature and humidity needed for the eggs to hatch. This group focused on life on land (SDG 15) and creating sustainable environment for eggs to hatch.

Four: Slabs for buildings and development made out of plastics in relation to SDG 13, 14 and 15 created by a group of 10 students. A slab is a structural element mostly made of concrete to create surfaces for floors, roof decks, and ceilings. This project focused on using plastic waste found in oceans and river streams to create slabs instead of using concrete to create those slabs.

The group members processed plastic and made slabs and proceeded to test them. To test the plastic slabs, they dropped them from a high altitude. The plastic slabs did not break. The project targeted SDG 13 (climate action) by using plastics, a major destruction to our environment, SDG 14 (life below water) by using the plastic waste in the oceans to protect the aquatic animals and lastly SDG 15 (life on land) by protecting the living organisms on land.


The STEM club of TIS decided to take on SDG 9, aimed at building resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. According to the students, “The STEM club decided to build robots out of Lego to help with day to day uses such as construction. The Stem club was able to fully automate the process of excavating land though the use of our Lego robots which was only one of our many robot designs showcased in the science fair”.        

Display of robotic science

The 2023 TIS Science Fair and Exhibition would not have been complete without the presence of parents and invited schools. Present were parents, alumni and friends of the school. SOS-HGIC, Prince and Princess Academy, Calvary Presby, Morgan International School, Brainy Bairn School, and DPSI graced the event with their presence.

The event was a great success and the TIS Community was grateful to those who made the students’ vision a reality. From the food vendors that provided the nourishing and tasty meals to the DJ and his team that played soothing music. The application of knowledge from classrooms to inspire solutions doesn’t stop even though the fair and exhibition was over! Each day, new opportunities are offered to make the earth a better.

In summary, the TIS Community encourages everyone to help achieve the SDGs – whether in picking up litter or closing water taps when not in use. Every little action counts. Let’s all make an impact today!


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